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Kenley Sweat - Independent Agent, Magical Moments Vacations

What My Clients are Saying.....

"Kenley helped my family plan a trip to Disney World and we just got home! From the beginning of trip planning, she completely listened to what we needed and wanted! So continued to tell us about when things needed to be done for our trip! I would recommend her to anyone traveling!!!! She is available to all her clients during their travel time by text or phone which is awesome because things during travel can change. It was nice to know we had someone there who could help us if we needed it! We can’t wait to plan our next trip with Kenley!!!!" - Morgan R. - September 2022

"Kenley was wonderful. She put together a seven-day Disney World trip for us with only three days' notice. She helped us get into amazing dinner reservations and was so quick to communicate! I would highly recommend her!!!"  

Baylee C - August 2022

"Kenley Sweat handled my travel arrangements magnificently on my recent trip from Connecticut to Colorado. Her efforts made the trip smooth, seamless and very enjoyable!"

Ron S - August 2022

"Kenley is absolutely wonderful. She finds ways to make sure our travels are totally taken care of. She is also so patient with me and my family as our plans change often!"

Amy D - July 2022

"My wife and I just completed our first ever trip to Europe and we had a wonderful experience. We enjoyed working with Kenley assisting us how to navigate through the experience and was able to create a lot of memories. I would recommend Kenley in your future travel plans. We are planning a trip with our children later the year and we are looking forward to having a unique experience with the family. Furthermore, we plan to go back to Europe again, hopefully i the next year or two. Thank you, Kenley!"

Dennis S - May 2022

"Kenley was really easy to work with and answered all of our questions quickly. She booked our one year anniversary/honeymoon in Cancun. It was perfect. She sent options, reminders, and tips for traveling out of country and neither of us had ever been. Thank you Kenley and Magical Moments for making it so much easier to travel out of the country!"

Krista S - June 2022

"Kenley was great to work with! She was very knowledgeable and quick to always respond with any questions or concerns we had. Just had to answer a few questions of what we wanted and she had a few options for us to choose from for our trip. I would use her again and recommend her to others. We used her for a sister trip to the Bahamas. We both left from different states and met up there. It was all seamless and great thanks to Kenley!"

Lauren S - May 2022

"Kenley was great! She made everything so smooth and worry free. She was on top of reminders and discounts as well as gave great advice on things. Highly recommended!"

Esteban G - June 2022

Stay tuned for more reviews from clients just like you!

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